This is the story of a list.

The Love List – one hundred things I love about my husband – came to be after a long battle with marriage-related anxiety. It started out as an exercise to calm my anxious thoughts, and ended up being my breakthrough from fear to freedom as I began to see blessing after blessing laid out on a huge piece of paper.

In a world that wants to ‘live happily ever after’, how do you know that you’re marrying the right person? And if God leaves the choice up to us, how can anyone ever be sure they’re not making a mistake? Over the course of our first year of marriage, and counting out my blessings one by one, I’ve been learning a lot about what it really means to ‘be in love’.

Love, I’ve discovered, is truly beautiful, but the real beauty isn’t just in the fairytale romance. And fear, which distorts the lens of love, can be overcome – with faith, gratitude and joy.

Love truly blossoms when you give it. Just one of my many lessons from a list.


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